PianoScales – Traditional Notation

Preparing for a Piano Exam? 

- Scales;  Major, Minor, Natural, Harmonic, Melodic, Triads; broken solid, 4-Note chords, dominant, diminished,  Arpeggios…
- Sight Reading, Ear Training …

It all seems so much!  If learning the technique required for your piano exam is a challenge, try learning with PIANOSCALES.  See scales and chords mapped out, learn with color.  Write it to Know it.  Make it Fun.  OWN an iPOD or Tablet? All e-books are in PDF format. Download Adobe Reader a free APP and be able to write, mark and enhance any page. Print the ebook, to work on ‘Write It to Know IT.’ Each Book contains:

- Visual aids to learn ALL technical requirements
- Overview Pages following RCM and TAP syllabus
- NEW Learn Chording with keyBOARDing
- Test pages for Sight and Ear
- Mock Exam, a great tool to keep students on track
- of their progress